iDrumming - let's play!

iDrumming is a free music app for iOS that offers a high quality, low cost, customizable drum set. With 8 square pads on iPhone and iPod touch, and 12 square pads on iPad, the app includes 6 different categories of percussion samples. The app features very low latency, changeable pitch and volume for each sample, 16-bit sampling, multitouch capability, autorepeat with 1 tap, the ability to save custom sets, and 2 different stop modes. Including 11 unlocked samples, an additional 200+ can be auditioned and can be unlocked through an in-app purchase.

iDrumming looks as good as it sounds, with shades of charcoal grey for all the pads, and pastel color accents for the three control buttons: Settings, Load Set, and Save Set.

Heard through good speakers or headphones, the samples are all of excellent quality with an airy, live sound.

Each square pad is labeled in small, modern letters, and multiple items are numbered, e.g., tom 1, tom 2, tom 3. The app is multi-touch capable, allowing several players to gather around an iPad and make music simultaneously.

Touching the Settings button removes the labels on each pad, which are replaced by a large number from 0 - 11. Touching any pad activates a flip transition to display the Sample Properties of the sound assigned to that pad.

Settings - customize everything!

Controls include: badge, sample volume, sample pitch, assigned sample, BPM tempo for loop, stop mode, and change.

  • Badge is the text label that appears on the pad.
  • Sample volumes is continuously variable from 0 to 100.
  • Sample pitch, invaluable for tuning snares and toms, is continuously variable from 0.1 to 3.0.
  • Beats per minute of the loop can be set to any tempo from 60 to 600 BPM.
  • Stop mode lets users choose from instantaneous, mid-sample stop, or stop when the sample ends.
  • The red change button displays the complete sample library via a slide transition.
  • Users can assign any sample to any pad.

    Select your favorite samples - have over 200 to choose!

    While the sample library contains over 200 sounds, the free app comes with 11 of them unlocked for unlimited use.

    Locked samples can be individually auditioned, but full use requires an $1.99 in-app purchase that unlocks the complete library.

    In comparison to competitive apps in the App Store, its low-cost purchase price and high-quality features and sound make iDrumming an ideal app for anyone looking for a customizable drum set.


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